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Rachel Guidera & Paul Freeman are a creative duo who specialize in directing, designing, producing, animating, compositing, illustrating and editing moving images. Their comprehensive knowledge of 2D & 3D VFX allow them to work fluidly across many mediums, often forming complex 'hybrid' approaches to shooting, editing and post-production. Together they bring a unique blend of post-production savvy and keen storytelling eye to any project.

Freeman: has a comprehensive 2D and design background. Paul has been working as a commercial director for 14 years on both local and international TVCs. He also claims to have over 800 years experience in VFX, although this cannot be verified.


Guidera: her sublime 3D character work is matched only by her live-action storytelling nous. Recently, she helmed the Comfort, Sunlight and Sun TVC campaigns for UK TV, and covered her leading man in honey for NZ's ELA spots.

ABOUT Freeman & Guidera



Client: Tip Top

Agency: Colenso

Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington

Creatives: Jamie Hitchcock & Josh Lancaster


Directed by Freeman & Guidera




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