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Chris likes to make highly crafted cinematic films about people. He has an empathetic curiosity for humanity that is reflected in his work. 

That and a bit of everything else as well. A real love for movies, hip hop culture, and anything musical. He grew up in Wellington, then Ottawa, then Bangkok and Geneva, finishing his education in NYC where he graduated with honours from the School of Visual Arts and won ‘Best Director' and ‘Best Film’ at the Dusty Awards.


Chris fell in love with movies as a kid seeing Star Wars at the Embassy, and so he grew up to make the pacifica rom-com 'Sione’s Wedding', the psychological horror film 'The Ferryman’, and this year he directed the dance scenes for the Box Office hit ‘Born to Dance’. His award winning short films took him on adventures to Sundance, Melbourne, Beijing and even Havelock North. 


One of New Zealand’s most awarded music video directors, Chris has worked with the local likes of Kora, Scribe, Savage, Smashproof, Bic Runga and Kora, as well as shooting music vids from Samoa to NYC and Los Angeles. His TVC’s are a portraiture celebration of people, ranging from Clients such as Genesis Energy, Microsoft, Cadbury, Xero, Kids Can and 42 Below to name a few. He loves collaborating and directing all kinds of people, whether it’s A-List talent such as John Rhys Davies, Kerry Fox and Bobby McFerrin, or real people that have never been on camera in their lives, he simply loves to bring out the best in everybody he meets.

ABOUT Chris Graham

My Hour


Client: Quit Group

Agency: TBWA

Directed by Chris Graham




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